Google goes Great Gatsby

Our LIVE! Portrait Booth took a step back in time this past weekend, back to to the 1920′s for Google’s Gatsby-themed holiday party, to create 20′s-inspired images featuring some of the most modern, tech-savvy minds around…and all that jazz!!

Want to look great in every photo? Here are three tips.

1. Lean forward. Always ensure your face is the closest part of your body to the camera.

2. Angle your body. Never face your body completely towards the camera. When standing, angle hips 45 degrees away from the camera. When sitting, slant your body at an angle toward the camera while still staying in your seat.

3. Channel your inner turtle. Yep, you read that right. Most people know to slightly lower their chin while cheesing for the camera, but not everyone knows to move their chin closer to the camera, out away from the neck, like a turtle’s neck coming out away from its shell.

Try these three moves in combination, and look forward to seeing terrific photos of yourself!

3 tips for displaying your family photos

Hang on! Incorporating great shots of your family into your home decor isn’t as difficult as you’d think. Here are three quick tips:

1. Vary photo size. Nothing adds depth, dimension, and interest to a wall display like different size prints. A smaller close up shot of each of your children can really compliment a larger family portrait, and bring some energy to the display.

2. Break the rules. There’s that famous rule about displaying art in odd numbers. Who cares? Catch people’s eye by being daring. Pair two images that exude energy. And if you feel really brave—vary the size or use two different (but complimentary) frames.

3. Go Big. When in doubt, go with one large print of your favorite photo. If you love it, that’s all that matters. Take the time to select a quality frame or simply opt for a large canvas print.